Bubbles coming from my H.O.T filter?


I recently bought a HOT Magnum® Canister Filter by Marineland..it works fine from what ive seen but every once in awhile it will blow bubbles out of the return? did i do something wrong? if any1 has one of these and is having a similiar problem i would appreciate just about any advice
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I have one that I use for flow only.....let me ask this, it is not continuous bubbles???
Could be something by the retuen then, I have a Powerhead that if a fish swims by fast it will blow some bubbles LOL


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yes HOT = Hang on Tank..
I'M SORRY....I have one of them too though....

DEFINITELY check all the seals....make sure the top o-ring is on right, and also apply some lubricant (vaseline will do) to the seal and lid before closing

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Usually it's a pinhole leak somewhere. However, if the filters are clogged the motor actually has enough power to cause the impeller to cavitate.


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These filters are notorius for spraying bubbles, generally its the o-ring that seals the top of the canister. Usually if I take the top off and put it back on making sure the o-ring isn't rolled or pinched it will stop. Try the vasoline like meowzer suggested as it will help to keep the o-ring in place so it doesn't get pinched when you put the top on.