Building a Sump/Refuge... where do you get materials?


I wanna build my own sump/fuge....... and have gotten some great ideas from this site. My tank has been up for years with a wet/dry filter.... but it only has one hole on the side to pump water out... I suppose I could cut a hole in the other side of the glass to make it work. But I figure it would be better to make my own from scratch.
My question is where do you buy the acrylic pieces and what do you use to "glue" them together to make the tank.


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Check your local Yellow pages for a Plastic or Acrylics dealer near you... You might also be able to pick the pieces up at your local HD or Lowes......HTH


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Local Lowes, HD usually carries acrylic. As for the glue, use pure silicone (food grade). Be sure to clean all surfaces that you are attaching to eachother with alcohol prior to siliconing them together as this will greatly ease in their adhesion.


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If you building your new sump/fuge using an aquarium and adding baffles silicone could be used, but if your building your sump/fuge out of acrylic you don't, don't want to use silicone to hole the pieces together.... If you are bonding acrylic to acrylic you will need to use weldon acrylic cement.... Nothing else.... If you do you could be asking for trouble


If you are building a sump......and you want to use a glass tank for this.....don't be afraid to use acrylic and silicone to hold the baffles in place. I have been doing it for sometime now and have had no problems. On the same note....if you are making stuff out of acrylic such as a overflow box, where you are going to have pressure on these joints....then you must use acrylic weld (Weld-on #4 through #16). Just remember.....
Acrylic to Glass = Silicone is fine if NO pressure
Glass to Glass = Always Silicone
Acrylic to Glass with Pressure = Weld-on products
I have made my entire system....overflow box, skimmer box, sump, fuge all out of acrylic and glass with no problems.