Building canopy.

I am seeking advice on builing a canopy for my 20 hex tank. Is it easy to combine lamps to one power cord? How far should PC's be from water? The outside will be ceramic tiled, what should I use to paint inside. Should there be holes to let air flow? How many and where? Anybody know of any pics to check out? Thanks for any suggestions, fish for life.


The inside should not be painted. I'd suggest leaving the back pannel off to allow airflow and plumbing also poss drilling holes- like 2" diameter- in the rear sides for added aitflow - powercords.
I wouldn't run more than 1 ballast on a single power cord. And lastly, Think the average distance from water here is 6-8". HTH
I have heard white is the way to go, almost as efficient as mirror with less hassel. What do you put over the paint to make it salt proof and non-toxic?


after primer and paint, use polyurethane to water proof it. put on at least 2 coats. i also bought a 3" fan from radio shack and intalled it in the side of my canopy....flush mounted and pulls out hella heat from my lighting :)