Buying Nemo


Just curious how many people bought Finding Nemo yesterday.
We went to Wally World to buy it and it was a MADHOUSE. I don't think I saw one cart without a copy in it.


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pre-ordered it through Disney Store, they gave out really cute lithographs with it.
Ditto on Wally world yesterday. I was there just doing usual shopping and EVERYONE had it. Kids were running around with it in hand as their prized possesion :D


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My girlfriend wants to give this to me for christmas (some surprise huh?) because of my love of the ocean...."have you seen finding nemo," shes says. "don't get me started," ;)

Originally posted by lovethesea
pre-ordered it through Disney Store, they gave out really cute lithographs with it.

Did the same... aren't the lithographs beautiful?!


I have a two year old who made us watch it three times last night. 3 guesses what will be on the tv tonight as well. Good for me though since I have an exam tomorrow I won't be watching tv, I'll be studying...maybe:D


My G/F's came yesterday, she pre-ordered. She's in MD but is coming up friday, told her she better bring it, I haven't seen it yet!


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I work at Eckerd, and the box containing the display and 32 copies of the movie came last Friday. Luckily, I had to build the display...before it ever went onto the floor, the count was down to 31. :D I saved one DVD for myself since I knew that it was going to be a big seller. Even at Eckerd, we sold half of what we had yesterday! I've never sold a new release that quickly...and from a drug store! Personally, I love the movie, and even though I had been thinking of getting a SW tank for months, the movie pushed me over the edge. Now I have 3. One with clownfish, one invert only tank that will soon have whatever fish my mom wants (except a tang or angel since it is only 35 gallons) and one reef soon to have firefish and a royal gramma. I'm glad I found Nemo. That was corny, wasn't it? :D :p :D :rolleyes:


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Yes, I work at a consumer electronics retailer also. We had 500 copies sold by about 2:30 yesturday afternoon! We have never experienced a new release sell out like that ever before. It was like "Black Friday" , the beloved day after thanksgiving for retail, all over again with people wating outside the door for us to open & later fighting over the last copies. I had upset customers complaining to me all night about how could we run on the first day??? We were also giving out free mouse pads to the first 50, well those didnt last long!
Going Crazy,


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I bought it for Christmas too.
Santa (that's me) shops at tax, free shipping, received it on 11/3! :D


CNN article:
'Finding Nemo' swims past record
Retailers sell 8M copies of the Disney/Pixar movie on first day, raising possibility of shortages.
November 5, 2003: 3:39 PM EST
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Animated underwater fish movie "Finding Nemo" took a huge bite out of the home video market with a record 8 million DVD and video sales in its first day at retailers, raising the possibility of shortages, an official with Walt Disney Co. said Wednesday.
Disney (DIS: Research, Estimates), in partnership with Pixar Animation Studios Inc. (PIXR: Research, Estimates), produced the film about the little lost fish "Nemo" and his father's adventure to find him. The previous single-day record of 5 million DVD and video unit sales was for their previous collaboration, "Monsters, Inc."
The film was released in May and has been 2003's biggest box office hit with just under $340 million in movie ticket sales in the United States and Canada.
Bob Chapek, head of Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment group, which markets videos and DVDs, said the company shipped 25 million units to retailers but underestimated demand. He said Disney is working with manufacturers to get more copies made for retailers who will likely see shortages this week.


I got my copy for free, sort of... Blockbuster had a deal were you buy a card and get 5 rentals and the DVD for $29.
We went to Wally World to buy it and it was a MADHOUSE.
Hey, this makes me want to go watch 'National Lampoons Vacation', not 'Finding Nemo' !! Sorry, Moopiespoo, I had a Clark Griswald moment there for a sec......:D


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My buddy and his wife bought the movie and the GameCube game yesterday.
I'll be getting it Friday afternoon when I get paid.


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i have never seen it but i want too. my husband went to the grocery store had the woman at the bakery slice fresh italian bread for our spagetti dinner and went back to get the bread and the had nemo showing, so he watched some and forgot the bread:D :eek:


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All the people who raved about it on THIS BOARD made me buy it on my way out of the Walgreens tonight. I should have waited until the price went down...but I caved to the pressue!
I don't even have kids as an excuse!


My daughter is buying it for me for Christmas. My stepdaughter bought it and is bringing it over Sunday for me to watch....can't wait!