Bye tank...


Well, as some of you might know I'm moving to Northern California in less than a week. For the past couple of days I've been facing some problems with my tank: clownfish beating each other up, ammonia rose to 4 ppm (hope this is the right unit). I had to move all my corals to my friend's tank. Two days ago I was left with two fish, some rocks and some snails and crabs. I was okay, until today. Today, I moved EVERYTHING, from the tank to all the equipments including all the inhabitants. There's no more sign of saltwater in my room. It's SADLY clean.
Well, I don't want to sound overly dramatic here, but it sucks. I mean, yes, my friend will take good care of it, but still. I've been taking care of that tank for more than a year now. For some reason I feel depressed. I felt like something has been taken away. There's a void in my life. My room looks depressing. Well okay, I guess I'm overdoing it here, but you get the idea. I don't think there are very many people out there who ever kept a tank and unwillingly at some point have to give it away. Believe me, it sucks. Have I mentioned it sucks? Well, of course I'm gonna visit this board like before, but it's not gonna be as often. Studying has to come first.
I just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past, whether I listened or not :D. I know I can be a pain a lot of times. Anyway, I learned a lot and that knowledge I will keep. No one stopping me from starting a 5 gal nano, right? :D . So yeah I guess this is it for now.
Oh I'm actually planning to get a webcam so I can watch my tank from my computer everyday :D ....
Thanks again,


Best of luck with your schooling. My daughter graduates tomorrow with her teaching degree. It doesnt pay much but it is rewarding. Start that nano, schools usually allow fish tanks if they are small.
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hhmmm, yyyesss, i seeeee
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A small fish tank, and you studing beside it............
see ya around, you know you cant stay away for ever!!;)


yeah it really sucks when you have to get rid of your tank. I had several FW and SW that I sold before I moved to Texas from Arkansas and beleive me it dont take but an hour or so and it really sinks in..
BUT just think what you learned and knowledge that you aquired can be put towards the new tank that you can build later and what things you would do different anf think of what you will be able to do ;-Þ