Calling All Cranberrys [Mantis Idea?]


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So, I've always sorta wanted a frag tank and a Peacock mantis, so why not mix them? Well, because the peacock will try to decorate with the frags and the lighting for the frag growing would bother the peacock, duhhh! Or..maybe not? I was thinking about trying a 40 breeder with a custom stand and canopy and hanging a piece of egg crate that covered the whole tank about 6 inches down. A second, half a piece would hang at 3 inches from the top. Already the mantis can't get to the frags, and hopefully the eggcrate could help shade the critter from the lights (I was thinking MH, mainly because I've never had them yet). On the bottom, larger piece of egg crate would be a layer of plastic mesh that would also help shade a little, and keep a small CUC out of reach of the mantis to help keep the frag racks clean. (I was thinking a couple snails and a LMB).
The mantis area would have a 4" sandbed with plenty of LR and lots of different macro algae. I'll take anything I can get. I would keep a couple chromis down there as well, just to add some movement.
You kept a few mantis' together if I'm not mistaken, right? I think if memory serves it was an O. Scyllarus and a P. Cillata? I'm not sure how big that tank was, but could it be done in a 40 breeder? I would also have a small sump to hide a skimmer and possibly my current Chigara, since I can't find it in my heart to get rid of the little guy. I was told elsewhere that it would be a bad idea to try to keep them together, so I thought I'd come ask you because I thought you kept a few together.
Sorry for the lengthy post. lol the only reason I didn't make this a PM was because I wanted some more opinions on the tank idea. I'm sketching it out now and will scan it and upload it to show you. I can't seem to get it the way I want it on PS.


Halides will cause shell rot disease. Two mantis will result in a death match, my money is on the peacock over the ciliiata.


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My mantis' were in the same tank that had a custom divider. They could not get at each other. They can't be kept together, I'm afraid.
You would have to give them a 100% blackout tunnel with PVC to avoid problems with a molt. You won't get away with a cave of rocks with bright lights like that.
You can see the divider here.....



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Ah, ok. I didn't remember the divider. lol I was possibly planning on a huge U-shaped burrow to go underneath the sand AND rock. That "blackout" enough? o_O


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Black PVC you mean? So you think this is an ok idea? Any other tips? It wont be done for awhile, I still don't have a job, but when I do get one I'll be all over this. lol


Black PVC you mean?
black ABS fittings are fine, however, ABS floats, but since you'll be burying it, it's a moot point.