Can a Hawkfish and Goby+Pistol Shrimp live together?

Hello. My reef tank has began cycling and I'm researching which fish can live together (Out of a list of reef-compatible fish that i mentioned on another thread.) Recently, I came across many colorful hawkfish and I'd like to own one. However, I hear that they can live in a reef tank, but with caution, as they have been reported to pick at inverts. If I keep a pistol shrimp and a goby together, will this still be the case? I've read about their symbiotic relationship, and if the goby will protect the pistol shrimp, then I see no problem in keeping these three together. They also have a fair amount of space in the tank (55 gallons), so I'm also keeping that in mind.

In conclusion, will the hawkfish pester a pistol shrimp if it's living alongside a goby? Can these three live together? Thanks in advance. ;)


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Depending on the hawk, it may eat the goby and the shrimp lol. A pygmy hawk would be fine