Can a yellow candy hogfish go in a 29 gallon tank?


So I'm wondering if a yellow candy hogfish could go in a 29 gallon tank. Most sites say 30 gallons is minimum but I don't know how much a difference one gallon would make. The only other fish that would go in the tank would be two clownfish if that makes a difference or not.


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Generally tank specs r given for 2 reasons. The adult size of the fish and/ or its feeding requirements.


If it's a female, yes. Male, no. They can get a little on the large side for that size tank if they're a male. I have a female and it's barely grown since I got it and is very docile.
How do you tell male from female? Almost impossible. I just happened to have someone from the local aquarium in my house who was able to tell me and I fully trust him.


What other fish do you have? They can be very aggressive towards other yellow wrasses, and sometimes will pick on smaller fish. I would avoid any other smaller wrasses and crustcea are almost always fair game. They can reach 10cm. As said, sexing is almost impossible without having both sexes present.