can an arco crab survive without a bird's nest to live in?

I have a birds nest coral that has died a sad slow death. It came with a small arco crab inside of it when it was purchased. If I remove the birds nest from the tank will the arco survive and find a new home or does it need this?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


Are you wanting to keep the acro crab, or get it out?? Did the birdsnest die because of something in the tank. or because of the crab?


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Originally Posted by confusedfishy
no not right now...

I'm not sure if there is some kind of symbiotic relationship between the acro crabs and the corals. They hang out in pretty much all different acro corals.
Really not sure if they need a host. I have at least 4 crabs in different corals. I would think maybe predators, if present, would get the crabs.


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Were in Florida are you? PM me if you don't want to disclose it here. I'll buy/pick up the crab if your close enough.
I really would like to keep the little guy, he is very friendly and easy to feed. It's just the coral looks pretty sad. It died because of poor lighting, we put it in a qt to make sure it didn't introduce any "ich" type parasites into the tank and it took a turn for the worst pretty quick, within less than a week. We went ahead and put it into the tank early but it was too late. The little crab was with it when we got it.
I live in the Destin area of Florida, the panhandle.