Can I add new fish to QT? More Info

In the QT is already a blue tang. i used coppersafe, and it's at .25. Parameters are good. 0am. .5-nitrite. 0-nitrate.
I just bought a 6 line wrasse, and when it got to me there was a little bit of a suspicious dark rough spot on it's side. looks like ick, only brown. I'd like to just try to treat it. Rather than worry about sending the little guy back through the postal system.
The SG is 1.021.
What I plan on doing is doing water changes to try to get the copper level to 0 and just do hypo from now on. can i put in the 6 line wrasse with the blue tang (baby 2 inches) it's a 10 gallon QT.


Was this tank cycled? I notice that you have nitrite. It is not a good idea to buy a new fish while you are already treating one, but what's done is done. Coppersafe should read 2.0- 2.5PPM to be effective. A ten gallon is going to be a tight fit but it is better than not quarantining the fish at all.
If you want to remove all of the copper and switch over to hyposalinity, that is fine to do. Do you have a refractometer?

florida joe

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You can run a polyfilter pad to remove the copper also remember that your qt period starts when you add the sixline. And as Sir Q stated a tight fit is better then no fit at all
ok, cool. So you're saying that the quarentine will restart for the hippo as well? i don't mind doing that, i want him to get very healthy and strong before i put him in DT.

florida joe

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Its not that you are starting the qt over because you are changing treatments. It will start over anytime you add a new fish into an existing QT time frame. Because you do not know what stage of disease if any the new fish has and if the old fish was contaminated