Can I add these to my tank?


I have a 120 gal tank. I have a 6-7 inch lion fish, a 3 in niger trigger, yellow tang and an eel.
Can I add Crabs or horseshoe crabs? My kids love them. I do have 3 hermit crabs in the tank now, but for how long who knows. If I can't get crabs any suggestions what I could put in the tank to help with future algae?
Also any suggestions on other cool fish. I am thinking of a puffer....
I am using a sump, protein skimmer and a fluval 404. I am also using a coral life pro lighting system
Thanks for any advice,


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lawnmower blenny...but I dont even now. you would probably have to find a big one. i dont know if they are ok with the lion and trigger


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Mostly you'll just have to use your hand and a scraper.
Other tang or herbivore will help with algea on rocks.


Do nigers eat all crustacians? If I were to by 50 crabs.....whould they be all eaten? I need algae relief


How about this package. Is this appetizers for a small niger?
Products belonging to this package Quantity
Scarlet Hermit Crab: 20
Blueleg Hermit Crab: 20
Turbo/Astrea Snail: 25
Peppermint Shrimp: 5
Emerald Crab: 5
Coral Banded Shrimp: 1
Cleaner Clam: 2