Can I divide the bag?


I purchased a large container of phosphate, silicate,heavy metals ect..remover. I thought it would be divided into several bags but it came all in one big bag. Instructions say not to open bag and divide.
Why not, if it is mixed well? What is the risk?
My tanks are 72, 55, & 35 gal.....not 200 which is what the container says it is for. It did not state that in the catalog


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what brand is this?
Of course you can divide it, but make sure to use a bag/filter with a similar pore size and just in case, I would be carful about handling what is inside if you dont know what it is.


It's Chemi-Pure Elite, the grande size. Yes, the pore size on the bags I bought to use this with have larger pore size. Is there any reason why I can't use nylons, knee highs, pantyhose?

I use pantyhose (just the hose)
to cover the intakes on the pumps so my anenome's don't get sucked in. Works great! Have not lost one since


I got some Chemi-Pure Elite yesterday. Its my first time using it. I replaced my bio balls with this stuff. I would say if you do cut it open do it before you rinse it so you can see the different color stuff and it would be easier to divide it equally. I took a Nitrate test before I put it in my filter, so I can see how much this stuff really brings down the nitrates. This stuff made my sink black from rinsing it out.
But sounds like some good stuff. I still have about 5" of space left in My media box is that ok. keeshcarm please try to keep me updated on how its working for you n I will do the same for you.


My LFS owner sent it home with me when I started. I just assumed everybody used it

Yes I will tank had some phosphate..the Elite is supposed to remove phos and silicate. I'll give it a while and retest.