Can I Drip Acclimate Cleaner Shrimp & Coral Banded Shrimp Together?


I placed on online order that includes 2 Cleaner Shrimp and a Coral Banded Shrimp. I am planning on doing a 2+ hour drip acclimation as detailed on this site.
My question is: Can I drip all of the shrimp together, or is there risk of aggression during this acclimation period?


I set up a all invert nano tank.
I got a order of about 25plus shrimps and crabs all at the same time.
As long as ur water is on par u dont have to really drip aclimate them.
What i do is i take the bag that they r in and let it float in the main tank, then after 15min i open the bags and throw out half the water in them, i then start adding my tank water in with them after another hour of adding water i can either release them if i think they r good.
or just leave them for another couple of hours in the bags then release.
u shouldnt try my method unless u are comfortable with it, dripping is far easier and safer but its not manditory, 1 hour of dripping should be fine just remember to flush some of the water in the bucket every so often, and never add any water back into ur system, just cup the shrimp in ur hand take him out of the water and add him to ur tank he should be fine.
If i get any types of inverts from the petstore 20min from my house i just temp the bag for 10min and add the invert straight in, i have never experienced a death but its up to u, can be risky especially if ur water is a little werid.
Hope this helps