Can I get this cute 2 gallon tank?


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I was wondering how to care for these kind of tanks. I already have a 60 gallon reef and now I want to have a 2 gallon nano cube. I have some quastion about it:
1. How do you take care of a nano tank. Any thing different from a 60gal reef?
2. What kind of fish/corals/iverts. can I put in it?
3. What are some important things I need to know about
Here is the website of it. If it is okay, I will buy it from my LFS tomorrow or the day after.


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Definitely no fish in that size tank .... some corals and inverts are okay.
Also, you're going to have some major evaporation issues.


a 2 gallon nano cube?!?
well i have a 3 gallon coral tank and it isnt much different from a bigger tank except that you need to keep the water levels up almost every other day.


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If you could place it on a shelf above or to the side of your other tank, drill it for a bulkhead and pump water from the main tank to it you could keep about anything that could fit into it. Temp, flow and parameters would all be taken care of, at least be the same as the larger tank.


I have a 3 gallon and I am planing to add some dwarf seahorse fry, about 3 weeks old to it. Jan