can i have a clam under 110w pc?


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Originally Posted by fish fizz
can i have a clam under 110w pc? it would be in a 34 gallon redsea max. If so which would you suggest?
if it was me, i wouldnt put a clam under pc's. higher end t-5's and mh are preferred for clams.


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i dont recommend it...the clam would likely bleach and said before nothing lower then high end t-5's...but MH is the best way to go...


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Further, as the clam grows keeping Ca balanced in a smaller tank with a growing clam can become quite a chore. Don't forget clams get big.
Clams need lots of light, especially as they get bigger.


My Biocube 29 with three clams, only showing one in pic. I have 144w of PC's, clams are roughly 6-7 months in my tank showing 1/2 to 1 inch of growth. Check out my nano thread in the nano section for more info. I am also keeping Stylophora.

oh, and Calcium with bi-weekly water changes sits at 480-500 using Oceanic Natural Sea salt