can i mix shrimps/cleaners???or no?



Well i just wanted to know can i mix 2 of the same ..for example cleaner shrimps? or are there certain ones that cant be put together! I was just curious..I always liked that shrimp that has those long arms and big claws ..looks cool, but wasn't sure if he'd get along with a regular cleaner shrimp i have!! thanx for any info given!!


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I'm pretty sure that if you want to mix 2 cleaners they have to be a mated pair, but I could be wrong.

I believe you are thinking of Coral Branded Shrimp. They must be a mated pair, not cleaner shrimp, they can be grouped together.
Enjoy them. They love cleaning your hand when you stick it in the tank, cool huh?


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From my own experience....
I have 3 skunk cleaners in my problems. I have a true mated pair of Coral Bandeds in my problems. Personally, I wouldn't risk putting them together, but some have with favorable results in a LARGE tank.
My favorite LFS keeps both Skunk Cleaners and Blood shrimps in their lagoon tank with apparantley no problems. Lots of them together.


i had a fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp in a 55. i added a coral banded (the one with long arms) and he was ok. shortly after i upgraded to a 120 and a few days later the coral banded was dead. i assume the cleaner killed him. they went at it a little in the 55.