can i mix these clowns?


Ive been in this hobby for a while but never really got into clowns until recently. Ive had a clarkii now for about six months that hosts and an anemone. A friend just gave us a cinamon clown which ive been keeping in my 30g qt for two weeks now. I would like to eventully put him in the 220 but im afraid he'll be harrased big time by the clarkii. what do you think ? will it work?


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The clark's clown will definatly defend it's territory against other clowns. I would not reccomend putting those two together. I had a pair of juvenile ocellaris that were bonding and one of them died. I later put in a pair of clark's clowns and they attacked the occelaris that I had left and killed it. So now I have a pair of clark's and no occy's.


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Usually I would think that it would be a problem, but you have a pretty big tank so you may be able to get away with it. I am sure someone with more experience will chime in.