can u catch something from..

duece biga

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if i have a cut on my arm can i catch anything if i put my arm down in the aquarium. Its not a serious wound or anything just alittle scratch?


No, I would have caught something by now too, but be warned...the salt will sting like fire in your skin!!!!


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Generally the saltwater will actually help clean out a wound (particularly if you can get your cleaner shrimp to clean out the wound). :)
However, there are rare infections that marine hobbyists are prone to get from their tank. If you do get an infection on your hand/arm bad enough to go to the doctor, make sure that he/she knows that you raise marine fish. Certain vibrio bacterial infections and some atypical mycobacteria can infect humans from a fish tank.
In addition there is one sort of coral which gives off a toxin which can make humans sick if it can get into the body through broken skin.
That being said - I put my arm in my own tank as long as my arm is very clean. I am more worried about making my tank sick, rather than my tank making me sick). :D