I was wondering if anyone had some they would be willing to give away or for a small fee. I will pay shipping can e-mail me
or just post a responce here....Thank You .... :)
yea I must have spelled it lfs said he could'nt get any and I just set up a sumpfugium.....(new sump part refugium and I wanted to put some down in the refuguim part....Thanks


Hey anthem, do you know if they have a website at all? I'd like to get a variety to put in my Ecosystem to see which one would take the most and then weed out the rest.
Thanks alot .....I will be checking them out this week-end....I was in animal jungle this week-end...and you are right it is hard to get help in there sometimes.....


there is a stone im chesapeake that has culpra for sale...
scales and tails in portmouth Blvd. off of 664 has some and also sometimes one in hampton called Tonya's pet store.and on few but far between times pet world on mercury blvd has some...
im also in hampton.. off of aberdeen


Tonya's is on mecury at the shopping center Langley Sq, just befor king st. on right hand side heading to buckroe ...
in back of store on right hand side.. they have a few salt tanks ,,, not many at all... but have seen algee for sale..
I have been to Tonyas a few times...they are suppose to be opening up a 15,000 square foot store in August right next to where they are at...Taking over the old grocery store that use to be there ....right now there selection is'nt very good... Pet world in NN i deal with quite often I know the owner and I give him a hard time about his tanks quite often.......but he treats me right....he really only has 1 person there that knows saltwater other than the owner.......but he has helped me out a few times...But i am still picky about anything I buy from him.....the hampton store (Gary) is just ok......I have never had anyone ask me if I needed help in there though.......
How many different kinds do you think I should try? I have heard of some people trying several different kinds? Also how much would you recommend to use? this was my first sumpfugium,so I am not sure how much or what kind to use?

bang guy

Almost all of them go sexual. Some more often that others. As far as what works best - I guess it depends on your goal. Racemosa and Prolifera grow really fast but they don't absorb as many nutrients as Halimeda. From my experience the faster they grow, the more likely they will go sexual if conditions degrade. If you trim the fast growers often they are much less likely to sporulate.