Carpet anemones and there Clowns


I would like to get a carpet anemone like the ones I see here and would like to know more about the BLUE, PURPLE , GREEN, and HETERACTIS MAGNIFICA anemones?
How well do they do ?
If I need to spot feed or will M.H. lights be enough?
I also would like to know what clowns take to the differnt carpet anemones?
I am very interested in the responses per "I also would like to know what clowns take to the differnt carpet anemones?"
Im glad you asked DrTITO


I guess I will get a pair of The Clarkii Clown a.k.a. Sebae Clown they are listed as hosting all anemones, even carpets.
I would still like to know which of the carpets require M.H. lights and spot feedings?
To anybody who has ever kept one often did you feed it ?

rod buehle

there are atleast 5 species of "carpet anemones". and they all have different needs. Some of them are considered easier to keep, and some of them are supposed to be almost impossible.
S. hadoni, (often refered to as green carpet) is the easiest of the hosting carpets. I have seen may kept successfully under less intense lighting if all other parameters are good. I would recommend halides for all.
S.mertensi gets HUGE, and isnt collected as often. Considered easier than a gigante, but again, not collected as often.
S.gigantes.. supposedly one of the hardest of all anemones to keep
. Few people have kept these long term. I feel the secret is strong lighting and more importantly a surging flow that will blast the anemone, and then a rest from the flow.. a blast, then a rest.. a blast, then a rest..
S.helinthus (spelling?) a carribean non-hosting species that will likely make a meal out of your fish..
H.magnifica. Not a carpet, but is in nearly the same category as the s.gigantea for care (difficult) and the S. mertensi for size (they get huge). Strong light and flow required.
I have 2 giganteas, (one at 15 years, the other at 4)
I have 1 hadoni ((2 years)
I have 2 magnificas ( 1 for 4 years and the other for 3 months)
A few bubble tips (8+ years)
I rarely "spot feed" any of them, but I do feed my tanks heavily enough with a high quality food, so the anemones capture a few small particles every day.