Catch The Raccoon Butterfly


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I need some help catching my raccoon butterfly. What is the best way to catch it without hurting it or taking all my live rock out? I've tried netting to fast.
Thanks in advance...


unfortunately taking the rock out is gonna be about the best way to do may not want to but you'll feel better after you finish it. trust me i've done it at least 3 times.


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I like this fishing pool idea. I read a few places on here about traps, but none that described how they where built or bought. Removing about 300 pnds of live rock won't be fun if that is what is needed...

mr. limpid

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I also had problems cathing fish with alot of live rock. I found an easy way. Pick a side and move all the live rock out of that area about 24" will do. Get an egg create cut it width and height of the inside of tank, heard your fish to the side void of rock. You may have to wait a bit till they come back out and start swimming arounf again. During that time have the egg create in the tank ready to close off section, I use the sweed clips to keep it inplace once fish is in clear area. Now fish can be caught with out rocks in the way. I also have created a fish cather that I will share with you. Get your self a drinking water bottel the large type depending on the size of fish you want to catch, I used a half gallon clear with a handle. cut off the top and bottom use sandpapper to take off the rough edge. Get your self a one gallon plastic bag place at one secure with rubber band. The bottle I fond had rings at the bottom made nice spot for the rubber band to fit into with out sliding off. Hope this helps Good Luck.