Changing bulbs in my PC light?


I have a 260 watt power compact and can't figure out how to take the bulbs out to replace them with new ones. I have 2 actinic and 2 10,000 K. I can't seem to take the bulbs out from their sockets and if I pull too hard I may break something. Help please!!!


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there just attached by four male pins that go into four female holes (either german style 4 pins in a line or japanese style square pins). they should pull straight out. try wiggling the light a LITTLE bit to free it. if it comes to it with the lights unplugged lubricate the connection (WD40 ect) then try. clean and dry before reusing.


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i actually just chnged my bulb in my 1x65w PC fixture and it was quite easy. i took out the 50/50 bulb and put a 10k bulb in its place. i think it looks better.
but as i said the bulbs came right out. if your dont come right out then theres a problem. mabye you didnt have a shield protecting them and there is a little salt deposit in the sockets?


i had a problem when i changed out my bulbs too really thought i was going to break them i just slowly worked on them till they came free, i know it not much help but just wanted to let u know your not the only one