Changing bulbs?


I have 110 vho super actinic & actinic whites (4 bulbs total 2 each) that are 2 yrs old and I want to replace with the same bulbs but I am concerned about the intensity of the new bulbs creating an algea bloom. I currently have no problems and do not want to create any but I most change the bulbs due to the age of them. Can anyone tell me the best way to replace these without causing a bloom or any other disruption?


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Everybody has to switch their bulbs at one time or another. Most worry about their coral and what effect the more intense bulbs will have on them. With VHO I personally wouldn't screen acclimate the tank by placing screens on top of tank and each week removing one screen. If your tank water is good and low on nutrients I would not worry about an algae bloom. I believe that the nutrients in the water enables the algae to grow. Sure, the lights will assist with algae growth but the only thing that I think you might see is more algae on the glass.