Changing tanks.Need help!!!


:help: I have a 90 gal.Is up and running.I just got a 150.I need the rock and sand out of the 90 to set up and cycle the150.If I take the corals and fish and use the same tank water and some of the live rock and put it in a nother tank.It wont cycle again will it?Im just wanting to put them in a smaller tank till my big one cycles.And how long does it usly take to cycle.A few weeks or a month.I dont remember from when i set up my 90.


I just finished doing the same thing - I moved the contents of my 55 to my new 125 without incident around 2 months ago. I just added the make-up volume in new (aged) salt water and everything was fine. No ammonia spike, not a single loss, etc... Not sure how this has worked out for other ppl but for me it was totally painless.