chaseter's 39G CAD Nano Take Two!


So I got another flasher wrasse. This one is doing fantastic! He swims around every where and he eats like crazy. I will try to post pics soon.


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Originally Posted by chaseter
Bad news. Came home today at lunch and the angel was deadzo. I have no idea why it would have died. It was lively and always out and about and I even saw it last night swimming around. Any ideas? It wasn't sick last night and didn't have any markings what so ever. Sorta pissed that $50 is down le toilet.
This was my experience with one of the Flame Angels I had. I don't consider them nearly as hardy as their reputation statess.


WELL....very glad to hear
man that clown is a little big for that anemone HAHA
How have things been?


Great! The move went great, got everything settled in. One of the wrasses from my previous tank jumped and died right before I moved. I got another guy and him and my female McCosker swim around together.
I bought an EcoTech powerhead and it is amazing. No more Koralias ever...price is worth it. Well my rose anemone decided to swim into the new powerhead last week and he got chopped to bits so what you see is my new anemone that came in today! I bought a cover to make sure he doesn't go into the powerhead. It is a stunning nem. This is from the site I bought it from:

So my inhabitants now are:
yellow watchmen
2 reef chromis
2 McCosker wrasses
gold banded maroon
lawnmower blenny
purple urchin (he comes to the top of the aquarium when he is joke. He moves up to the rim and turns upside and I stick some dried algae on him and he eats it)
orange star
cleaner shrimp
peppermint shrimp
Aussie gold torch
Aussie hammer
sun coral
various zoos
brain coral
various acans
various ricordeas


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Looking good!! Nice seeing you back, it's been dead on this forum so I'm happy to see another nano reefer is back. And I'm digging this tank I'm about to go research it haha.
Edit: WOW I just checked those CADs out dang they are expensive! Lol


I am not dead! Moved to Denver last year so I had to sell everything as I didn't want to stress out any of my animals.
Plotting getting back into the hobby. I live on the 3rd floor of a condo complex so no more big aquariums :(. I am thinking of a Biocube 29 HQI...anybody have any reviews of those setups?