Check out my new Sun Coral :)


Just got this over the weekend. Its about the size of a baseball if you cut it in half. Whats really awesome about this Sun, is that its been opening during the day!

The pic of it here was taken this morning after the lights have been on for about 45 minutes. It will probably close up in the afternoon, but by the time I get back from work and feed the tank, it'll open up wide again (at least, that is how the pattern has been so far).
Since I got it, I've placed it partially under a shady spot, but also where its visible (whats the point if you can't even see it right) and I've fed it twice now using the soda bottle method and it seems happy so far.


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That is BEAUTIFUL. How old is that yellow tang, he looks faded?
Don't worry about him :)
The pic was taken early this morning and the tang just woke up a few seconds before the shot was taken... he always looks a little bit pale a few minutes after emerging from the rock and then get vibrant once he starts swimming around. Plus, my phone's camera does a lousy job capturing the colors... everything is actually much more vibrant IRL than what my phone would have you believe :)

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I know what you mean, you should see my hippo when first wakes up. It looks as if he was at all night drinking party.