Cheepest place to buy VHO 660 ballast with Bulbs and Bulb Sockets?



So far it looks like has the best deal. You get
440 watts. Includes IceCap ballast with harness, end caps, and lamps (please choose lamps). Requires mounting brackets, fan, and power cord.
for 305.00
I am going to order this today.. Does this sound like a good price??


I looked at the web site and did not find anything about aquarium lights. If that is the right web site how did you find anything about the ice cap ballast i did'nt see anything listed.
I am SOOOOOOOO surprised that this thread has lasted this long !!! sells the ICECAP VHO (and other) stuff for what appears to be less.
660 with ballast and harness - $179
2 pairs of endcaps - $20 (you need 2 sets - $40)
TOTAL - $240
I personally would not have bulbs shipped. By the time you pay for the oversized shipping and insurance and return the broken bulb and get the replacement, you could have gone to your LFS and spent the same.