Real quick question about Chemi-Pure Elite. I have read that a lot of people use it as filter media and was wondering if it is necessary to run a filter pad in addition to the chemi-pure bag? Also, the box says to flatten out but I have mine in a HOB filter and it just all kind of falls to the bottom which I am assuming is fine?
Thanks for the help


I needs to be positioned in a way that the water has to flow through it. They want you to flatten it as much as possible so that you get the most surface area you can, but if it's just sitting like a lump in the bottom of your HOB, the water will just flow over it, and you won't be getting much of a benefit from it. Can you somehow clip it to a filter screen? Or, if you have two spots for filter screens, maybe you could canabalize some old ones, and sandwich your Chemi-pure in between.