chicago area fish trade?


I have a pair of fish, tomato clown and diadema (aka flashback grama), and I am looking to trade them for a different fish or something. They are both healthy and have great color, they just need to be with some more aggresive fish than I want now. I have had them both for two years. The tomato is really great looking, deep red color and has no trouble bonding with my colt. Sorry, I don't have any pics. Let me know. Thanks.


I also am looking to trade. I have a sixline wrasse and a yellow dwarf angel. They are both about 2 inches big and they are both reef safe, also have a purplish color kenya tree that split (tree is about 3" tall). Looking to sell or trade. I'd be very interested in frags as long as they can live and grow under my lighting systm. 192 watts of pc in a 45 gallon.
I can post pics if necessary.