Chicago Corals 4 Sale: Shrooms and Green Capricornus


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4 Sale are the pics shown below. I live in Champaign, IL. and will be in Chicago for Thanksgiving next Wednesday day/night. I would like to have homes lined up for these two pieces by then. Meeting would take place in Skokie. Please email me with your interests and more descriptive details on my part. 30 for the shroom rock (at least 20 polyps), and 25 for the cap. , which is roughly a 5x6 oval with a dead spot on its underside for basing to a piece of rock. Prices are not negotiable. These are 50 dollar pieces in a store.....
Final note, first person to email me will get precidence. I will go by the time stamp on the emails. Please be serious with inquiries, I don't want to drive up there without a home lined up for these.