chiller question


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does anyone have this chiller and think its worth the price
Description: 1/2 horsepower Aqua Medic chiller. In line model with built-in digital controller. Titanium coil is salt water safe. 3/4 inch inlet and outlet ports. 16 INCHES BY 14 INCHES BY 16 INCHES. Rated up to a 180 gallon system.
Shipping Weight: 70 Lbs.
Regular Price: $799.99
SALE PRICE $539.99


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That's the thing about those chillers...if you look at a good brand like the Aqua Logics or TradeWind chillers you'll see their 1/2 hp rates up too 500 gals.
I know a little about these chillers, their not really what they say they are. The 1/2hp compares more like between a 1/4hp and a 1/3hp of the two I mentioned above. Compare power usage and go from there.


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i looked these up and found nothing under aqualogic and i found some under trade wind but they are very expensive. i think i might stick with a jbj chiller. i notice the btu rating on these are like 3500 = 300 gallons i know a less expensive chiller that has a btu rating af about 2000 so i think that will be sufficient for a 90 gallon.