choosing new tank


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Hey all,
I have a nano cube 12 gal delux that I have had for at least 6 yrs, could be longer. It is getting old and rough so i stead of fixing/replacing I figured I would just get a new one.

I was looking at the 12 gal jbj with leds, but it only had 2 stars and some bad reviews. So I was also looking at the 14 gal biocube.

which of these two tanks would you suggest and why? Or of there is one better, let me know.



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For sw bigger is better. If your looking to stay small a 29 bio cube would be a decent option


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I wanted to stay with the 12 gal, I really like it. I would have gone to the 14 Biocube if were a much better tank. I keep reading reviews and it seems they both are good tanks. I read the Biocube is so well sealed tnere are heat issues, so I think I am going to stay with the JBJ and try the LED lighting.

Thanks for the reply