Chronic Diarrhea caused by Your Tank?


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Originally Posted by Adairable
giardia is freshwater bac I thoughtbut I don't really know....I got tested for it tho

had something to do with drinking well water my whole life
i just thought it sounded like that , the effects sound the same. yes there freshwater


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Originally Posted by ReefForBrains
Cheese is your friend.....
Been a while since we have seen a post, welcome back........then I read THIS thread.
LOL. thanks.


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Originally Posted by wax32
What's weird is, that article came up when I googled diarrhea and saltwater...
kind of weird that you thought of linking the two together?


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Well, I know there are plenty of nasty bacteria in our tanks... so I figured I'd see if anyone had ever become ill from one LOL.