ChronicCoral35's 28G JBJ DIARY

I converted my 15g Tuesday :). The rock and sand was from the 15g aside from a few pieces of LR. Should I still wait before adding coral or anymore fish?
Nitrates are 10 PPM
SG is 1.026
1 False Percula
1 Yellow-Watchman
2 Peppermint shrimp
1 Sand Sifting Starfish
4-5 asst. snails and hermits


sorry, cant help you out on the clown, but your tank is looking good. i think a 28 gallon is the perfect size and space you need. i had one before, but decided to upgrade since i wanted a little more fish. you'll love it tho. good luck.
Yeah I love it so far, though my sand and LR was established already I am going to wait about 1-2 weeks to add my skimmer and buy any fish or coral.


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Looks good, I was interested in those tanks as they seem to have all of the goodies included. Good luck with it, have you laid out a plan yet on what you want to stock it with?
How much longer should I wait to add my skimmer or anymore livestock? I don't think my tank went through a big cycle if a cycle at all, considering my sand and rock were established. I converted it Tuesday, so it has been 5 days.


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Just fyi, the sand sifting stars generally dont do well in captivity. They clean out the bacteria and bugs from the sandbed and usually die around 6-8 months.
Very cool tank though! Id recommend buying a full cleanup crew anyways so you dont really need to worry much when it goes.
Thanks, Well I've hand the SSF since I started my 15g, that was 9 months ago, he seems fine so far. I have plenty snails and hermits for now. I just fed my fish so the nitrates will probably go up to about 20, but I am going to do a 4.6g W/C tomorrow and test everything, salts still at 1.026. I am still not sure on when to add my skimmer? still getting use to Nano Cubes.
Okay, I am going to let my tank go for about 1-2 more weeks, then I will be going out to buy corals and will post nice pics from camera when I do so :)