Cichlid tank


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I know that they are freshwater fish, but does anyone know how I would go about setting up a 30 gallon tall tank for Cichlids. What filter, gravel, any special requirements for such fish?


Well it depends...what kind of cichlids? The care for African and South American species vary. I am fond of the mbuna africans, which require a high ph (8.2) as well as plenty of hiding places and a substrate they can dig in. I never used any special filters with them, just the Emperor Wet/Dry system. Cc is not a bad idea as a substrate, as it will be a good ph buffer. I hope this helps...


I would NOT! reccomend an undergravel with African cichlids they dig dig dig and as far as what to put on the bottom use sand they love it as for a filter use a some thing like a MAGNUM 350 DELUXE FILTER, FLUVAL 304, AQUACLEAR 500 POWER FILTER or EMPEROR 400 FILTER. and lot's of rock's like texas holey rock it will help with stabilizing the ph at 8.2 +or -
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I agree, no undergravel filter, I think they are trying to dig there way out half of the time. I have a 55gal cichlid tank and it doesn't matter how much wait u put on your greenery the will tare it up and destroy it. i would never recommend using plastic plants but that is whay i have resorted to. a couple of med. pleco's should do the trick for a cleanup crew.