clam in rock :)


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Neat pic! (and I think it may help ID something lurking in one of my rocks that I can't get a decent pic of, thanks!)


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I told perfectdark about my cleaner embedded in a rock i have, here it is :)
I have a rock with like 4 of those on it. i did not know they were cleaner ones. Cool, they are always open.


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is it alive still? i thought they go in the sand usually?
i also have one on this large flat piece of rock in the front of it so i use this as my cave rock =) i love it like fish will swim inside it cuz its like open a little (or was till my mom was scrubbing that rock to put in my 125.. anyone know of any glue or putty i can use to put the top half back on?)
but ya i think they look cool