clam question


dresa, squamosa, and maxima would do good. I'd wait another 3 months although, they need a very established tank.


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I personally wouldn't keep any clam under anything but Metal Halides. They simply won't do as well under Florecent lighting, as they would on halides. Why put them under anything but the best?
If you had to buy a Clam for your aquarium, I would purchase a T. Squamosa. These generally are the "lower-light" clams, which grow much smaller than the T. Derasa, or T. Gigas. If possible, see about Purchasing an Aquacultured Squamosa. I would wait until your tank is 7 months or older before venturing into any Clam. As anything, make sure you have Adaquite and stable water conditions, and a calcium of around 450ppm.
I would try to stay away from the light loving clams, including the T. Maxima and the T. Crocea.