Clams Galore!


what kind of lighting do u have in the first tank rye. The color is just breath taking. That is so amazing.


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That's actually just a shot from one of our tanks at work.
The lighting is 330w VHO on that tank. It's not enough light to get those clams to thrive but, it's plenty for them while we are baby-sitting them for a week or so. :happy:
how much did ur guyses clams coast a peice? mine coasted 100 bucks, i wish i could post a pic, but i need to downsize the pic and i dont know how.


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Lazy east911, email me the picture and I'll resize it and email it back to you.
kristopherjhoffman at


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rye in your pic how big is that huge clam in the back. and how much does your store charge for something of that size?