Cleaner clams


I have a wee baby clam that came on a rock. Nothing fancy so I think its just a little cleaner clam. I thought it was just a piece of the rock until it closed up when a crab got on it and the reopened after a few moments when the crab passed.
I know they are good things to have. I may even have more somewhere else in the tank. Any comments to educate me out there?


Good score! I got some that came on LR. They are filter feeders and do not require any special care.


Okay call me really dumb, whats the differance between a clam and an oyster in appearance? Upon thinking about it I really don't know the differance.

Fish are pets not food. I don't eat shrimp, lobster, clams, scallops or oysters. I don't eat any kind of sea creature.
My little guy is all gray like the rock, so not a turkey wing clam. It seems to look smooth along the edges and not fan like. He looks like the cleaner clams I see on sale by SWF
I can't seem to get any close up pictures with my camera. everything just looks like a blur. Its about the size of my thumbnail.
They walk????


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I have one that has moved around the glass work and finally found a place it likes.. cool to see and makes me happy :D


I almost never see mine...which I am told is a good thing..the other night one was sticking up from underthe sand..just for a minute though...I was like...Yayyyy I still have clams. LOL Someone told me that if they come out and stay out they are probably dead or going to die.