Cleaner Clams

I was browsing through's invertebrates and came across the cleaner clams. The description doesn't say too much other than that they are filter feeders and help lower nitrates.
Has anyone had any experience keeping them? Would a 14 gallon nano be an acceptable home for one? More than one?


I have 3 in my 225..Once you get them they bury into the sand and you don't see them again....Supposedly if they die, their shell would resurface....I know mine are alive cause when I was redoing some sand I uncovered one, and it went back under the sand.
Also, if you are buying from this site...for the cost ...WHY NOT!
Thanks for the replies.
meowzer - Have you noticed any positive changes in your tank since adding them? Have they helped lower your nitrates?
Originally Posted by meowzer
My nitrates have always been I can't say there is a difference or not sorry
No problem. I was just curious. Besides, like you said, for the price, why not? The local marine club I belong to is doing a group buy, so I might join in on that and try one out.

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Originally Posted by vinny p
it's cheaper to go to a sea food store and just buy some live ones.
+1 I got 5 clams from publix for a $1.25, same ones you buy from here for your tank, i think they call them the rough necks or something i know them as (steamers)


I just purchased 2 from SWF for my 125g and they were not in my tank for 5 minutes and they buried themselves. Like meowzer said I hav very low to no nitrates so unfortunately I can not tell you how effective they are, but for the price I can't see that they will hurt anything.