cleaner clams


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i have two cleaner clams in my tank one is barried in the sand wich i good i guess but the ohter has opened all the way and nothing in it. i a taking it that it is dead. why may it have died or might ther be something wrong with my water levels. thank you


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cleaner clams are touch and go. Some are dead, some are alive when you purchase them. If there is enough left, you might could autopsy it and see if there was something in its gut and then check the shell for any types of creatures like snails, sponges, or boring sponge holes. If there was any kind of green on the inside of the shell then it could have been something else...
Then again, you may never know.
If you suspect that you are having water quality issues, please test your water immediately to set your mind at ease.


"Cleaner clams" are a great idea, EXCEPT, they don't have a great track record in captivity, and they usually burrow into the substrate and die there unbeknownst to the aquarist, and then their tank bueno for the fish, coral, etc.
They are also generally collected in cooler water, and tropical temps likely speed their demise. I'd leave them out of your tank if I were you, esp. since two small clams won't make any positive contribution to most setups (unless the tank is very small).