Cleaner shrimp and his 600 children


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my cleaner shrimp laid his 600 babys tonight and there everywhere, and so tiny! i wish i could give them a chance at life but i have nothing to put them in! this is such a magnifiscent thing that has happened in my tank. i can see there little legs or antennae and there just wiggling around!


Maybe one of those little breeder nets they use for baby guppies and stuff? I know absolutely nothing about raising shrimp fry, and from what I hear it's veryyy difficult, but I think it's worth a shot! I hope someone knows something you can do.

nm reef

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My pair of skunks and blood reds are always hatching little 'uns...which become part of a sort of natural food chain....possibly the three small sexy's I recently added will contribute eventually. I've never really considered attempting to save any of them ... but I suppose under the right conditions it could be done.


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yea, i just need a breeder tank to put them in, i think KimKissyFish makes them but she never seems to reply to post for her. oh well :joy:


Take a plastic milk container, cut the bottom off and put some panty hose type stuff over the spout. You should have a pen type area. Just sit it in the bottom of the tank. That should quarantine a little area for them
I believe, if you check Kim's post history she posted pics and directions how to do this