Cleaner Shrimp Breeding


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We have 2 cleaner shrimp in our 55 gal reef tank. For probally about the past 2 weeks weve noticed that they both had a belly full of eggs. They seemed to tend to them by flipping them and such ever since we noticed this. However, last night, one of the shrimp released about 200+ baby shrimp from the belly pouch the eggs were in. Then he/she proceeded to pick out the egg shells and eat them. Of course, the fish thought this was a great feast and i dout that any shrimp survived the night. However, my question is does anyone know how these guys reproduce? Obviously they both have eggs, and the one did have hatched shrimp. Are they a-sexual?? If i was to move them into a 10 gal by themselves, how hard would it be to get them to reproduce? Are there certain conditions they need? What do the baby shrimp eat? Baby Brine? And finally what kind of filter could i use in a 10 gal that wouldnt hurt the baby shrimp because there reeaally small little bugers! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks a ton!
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I have two cleaner shrimp also and one is full of green eggs.
I will be interested to read what replies you get because I have the same questions.
I have heard that they switch --- when they molt.
I have read that the babies rarly live before being eaten by mom or other fish in the tank. Get the hospital tank ready.