Cleaner Shrimp/Coral Banded


Can you have either shrimp in a shark tank. Also is a 75g large enough for a Shark. If so what type and what would live well with that shark.


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From your posts I sense you have a thing for aggressive large fish and that is not a bad thing but one that requires a lot of thought about the needs of the fish in question. Not knowing your depth of experience in the hobby I would suggest that you do a search here and on some other boards about the needs of sharks and other large fish before you spend a lot of money and see it go down the drain due to too small a tank.
I think you can have both with the shark. You'll just have to remember to suppliment the Shark's diet with other foodstuffs, as you're Shark can't live off of CBSs and Cleaner Shrimp alone. :p