Cleaner shrimp eating zoas


I have had my zoas for 6 months now and they have barely grown. Yesterday I found my favorite/most expensive (new) zoas being eaten by my cleaner shrimp. I may have saved one polyp by putting it under an egg crate box. Has anybody had this happen?? It was definetly him and not zoa pox or some crab because i saw them there and then 30 seconds later he was on the zoas eating them. An acro I got a month ago has grown on every branch up to 2 inches and same with my other sps. At first I thought they did not grow because of low nutrients. I may catch him and sell him. I am really mad and hope they grow back.


I have a cleaner as well, mine stays pretty well under rocks, but had noticed some of my zoos missing, but on the same token, the ones that are gone now had been closed for about a month since I moved into this home. I just bought my cleaner about 2 weeks ago or so.