Cleaner shrimp question


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Do the skunk striped cleaner shrimp make loud clicking sound? I keep hearing random clicks and pops in my tank and can't trace it back to anything??


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I heard a loud clicking sound in my tank, and I found a big margarita snail that was snapping it's shell against the glass to upright itself. I was worried it was an electronic gizmo making the sound...whew.

bang guy

There's a little green Pistol Shrimp, I forget the species name, that lives in rocks. It will rarely, if ever, leave its rock so you wouldn't see it unless you cracked open the rock.


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Pistol Shrimp or mantis shrimp can both be hitchhikers on live rock. You may never see them. I have a pistol shrimp in a small tank, and it dug a tunnel to live in in the substrate. The only reason I know it is there is because I can see the tunnel along the edge of the tank. Kinda like an ant farm.