Cloudy Water

I have a 2 month old Red Sea Max C150 with live rock a cleaner shrimp and 2 clowns. Everything was going well and all levels within parameters when overnight the water got cloudy with what looks like sand particles floating around the tank. Every once in a while a cloudy haze can be seen being pumped out through the circulation pump nozzle. Any ideas?

bang guy

My guess would be cavitation.

This is caused by the intake to the pump being restricted. Are there any filters that need to be cleaned?

To test my guess (yes, just a guess) you can restrict the output side of the pump to see if the bubbles go away.
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I have to agree, my return pump has a filter like sock on it and when I forget to clean it mine starts to do the same thing but my tank doesn't look overly cloudy but it's not as clean as normal.