Cloudy Water


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I have just started a saltwater fish tank, I am using Bali sand which I have rinsed through with about 30l of water.
I have started adding my RO/DI water but the water is very cloudy, I have left it around 12 hours and it is still the same (photos attached)
Is this normal or do I need to take the water out and rinse the sand some more?

This is my first tank so any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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It can take quite a while for The cloudiness to go away. Once you get the filter up and going it should clear. You got a good 6 weeks of cycling before you can add any animals so be patient.


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It sounds like a bacterial bloom. It should clear up in a couple of days. And oddly the large water change extends the time it takes if I remember the time it happened to one of my tanks.

If the gap between the Mollies Platys and Tetras to the pea puffers was long enough and you weren't feeding the tank, the Beneficial Bacteria may have died off (or been reduced) and you have a mini cycle.

If all of the above are not the type of cloudy thing you have going on, the product I was shocked to see made my already clear water even more clear was Seachem Renew!