Clown feeding my Anenome


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He all, Im new to this SW. I have recently placed a Hiatian anenome that is hosting my clown. I bought them together to ensure he would host. I placed some Frozen Mysis Shrimp in the tank, and my clown was grabbing big chunks and spitting them in my anenome. I thought it was the coolest thing, and wondering if this is common? Any input or knowledge would be great!


My clown is hosting a big patch of Xenia. Everytime I feed Krill he grabs a piece and swims down and feeds the Xenia.


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Clowns feeding their anemone[or other host] is natural and very common . I`ve even seen a clown grab a fish and feed it to his anemone .

rod buehle

it is great to see the clown feed the anemone, but I think the clowns are usually just grabbing the larger hunks of food before the other fish have a chance, and they take it to the anemone and say ...
"here, hang on to this for me.. Ill be back in a second (after I get more) to eat it "