Clown Goby or something else


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Looking for a fourth fish for my 30g FOWLR tank.
Current occupants:
Tomato Clown
Cherub Angel
Royal Gramma
Various inverts
I'm thinking of some type of 'bottom dwelling' or 'perching' fish. LFS had a couple of Yellow Clown Gobies last week that looked like they'd fit the bill well.
I was also thinking possibly a Pistol Shrimp/Shrimp Goby pair, but I probably want to get a Cleaner Shrimp and/or Peppermints, and I'm concerned the tank may be too small for all of them.
The current inhabitants are a little too aggressive for a 'hider' like a Firefish, btw.
Sandbed is fairly shallow and rough, so a sifter like a Jawfish is out as well.
Anyone have any other ideas?


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I have a pearly goby in one tank & a engineer gobie in the other. I love the pearly, so much attitude, he makes cool tunnels & is ever watchful of the other fish. The engineer looks like a cross between a zebra & an eel. Very cool to watch swim & is always busy. Kim


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if u can find a small flame hawk fish i would buy that. i had one in my 30gal. but mine recently jumped out of my tank. make sure ur top is closed. oh and some might nip at shrimp. mine did not.
or if u can buy a tiny tomato clown to pair up with urs.

but it has to be half the size or smaller than the one u have now or else they will kill each other.


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Shallow sand bed rules out an engineer goby. (On another note, I thought they got 12"+, but I just looked two placed that said 3-4")
I already have a pair of Ocels in my 12g, so I'm clowned out.
I thought about a hawk. LFS had a couple medium-sized specimens yesterday, actually, but the fear of attacks on inverts is making me cautious towards them.


i must agree, he has to be talking about a mantis shrimp. the only was i could think of it breaking the glass is if it digs through the sand under unsteady rock work, causing a rockslide
. I've had my tiger pistol for a year now, and has done no such thing


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Originally Posted by gnjeff
Clown Goby - Citron
I just picked up a new one hes cool just sits on stuff and hangs out
citron goby
That was the type the LFS has.
BTW, terrible description by SWF. And is 1" really the max? The one I saw was probably 1.25 - 1.5".
Originally Posted by small triggers

I love clown gobies, but also a longnose hawkfish would be cute, with its red and white stripped look,,,
Same issue as the Flame Hawk, right? Does not play well with shrimp?